Dovilė Šopytė

Baby Pink Silk Dress


A single dress with a simple detail at the top for a lover of pure minimalism. Soft pink silk that creates a rich and elegant look. A piece for a confident and fashionable woman who appreciates high quality and stability.

Fabric: 100% Silk;
Lining: 100% Silk;
Care: Dry clean;

Measurements in centimeters:

1/2 Chest (measured at armhole, a max deviation is 1cm): 41.5 (XS), 43.5 (S), 45.5 (M), 48.5 (L)
1/2 Waist (a max deviation is 1cm): 32.5 (XS), 34.5 (S), 36.5 (M), 39.5 (L)
Total length (a max deviation is 1cm): 93 (XS), 94.5 (S), 96 (M), 97.5 (L)

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