As we all try to express ourselves in all the different ways and to find what defines us best, not only Shopyte has figured out what would suit us best but also how to make it fit us perfectly.

From now on as an addition Shopyte is offering you a bespoke service – a user-friendly experience that will allow you to order a garment that is made according to your body measurements. If you ever dreamed about a custom made, high-quality piece but you just simply gave up on the idea because it seemed to be too pricey or it would just take too long to make it, the new feature integrated into Shopyte online store hopefully will change your mind.

So how does it work? You can choose almost any garment that Shopyte online store offers. There you will need to enter your measurements and to choose Bespoke Order. And you’re one click away from purchasing a tailored garment. Why one should choose these services? By choosing a bespoke service not only you will avoid “surprises” when the size that usually goes well on you does not correspond to your actual measurements but you will also get a garment that was specifically made for you for the price of a ready-to-wear garment. And what to do in a case when the garment does not fit you? No worries, the same return policy is applied to both, made-to-measure and ready-to-wear, garments.

We all remember how we felt about online shopping. Something, that at first felt as an alternative, now is more like an everyday necessity. So, here is Shopyte – ready to offer you an alternative that will later grow into a necessity.