To copy, or not to copy?

Great things happen when you get inspired. And fashion is one of the examples of what you can achieve if you combine hard work, unique talent and sheer inspiration. But today it is easy to lose the sense of understating of what should be considered as the source of inspiration and what is true plagiarism.

Every person, especially an artist, goes through times when it is hard to outdo yourself and create something unique, something that would catch an eye or even better - would lead you to an actual recognition. For some, it is a long and hard path full of ups and downs. But such experience and certain choices shape you and form your individuality. It makes you who you are now.

These days we hear a lot of cases when certain designers are plagiarized or are accused of plagiarism themselves. Was it made for inspirational purposes? Or was it just about the money and sales? We might just wonder. But in this world, there are certain rules and tips on how to search for things that would wake up your mind from stagnation without copy-pasting certain collections of another brand or without putting someone else’s intellectual property on your work.  

As a creator myself, I try to create pieces by putting everything that I see and care about into this one magnificent garment. The most important thing is to understand that many designers and creators see fashion not only as a way to make money or to keep oneself busy but to convey important thoughts and individual ideas.

To all creators out there - speak, show and design your own ideas and do not be afraid if that is something totally different from the rest. And to all people who deserve to choose and get “the real deal” - do not forget that our authenticity and our values come from little, genuine things.