Continuation of our conscious story: SS20

Not that long ago we had a chance to present our Spring/Summer’20 collection in London Fashion Week. Once again, we had a wonderful opportunity to share with you the way we see the world through the pieces that we created.

This time our main inspiration source and focus of attention was on the city life with its sublimity and comfort. This collection was not dedicated to praise the urbanistic good but rather to send a message: to remind that all this comfort comes with a price that is paid by posing risk to the environment. That’s why this collection not only depicts elements that can be found in everyday life but it also reminds to focus and to listen to our inner needs that will help not to lose oneself in this carousel of life.

We already feel like winners because along the way, we found people that support us and have the same ideas towards making our tomorrow a better day. An Australian supermodel Madeline Stuart, who walked down the runway in London Fashion Week wearing one of the Shopyte garments, agreed to share her thoughts about fashion and consumerism from her own perspective.

Madeline is a model for quite some time now and it seems natural that the perception about it have changed for her throughout the time. The model says that fashion is no longer about beautiful things but that it’s rather a great tool that helps to spread an important message and “to inspire other people to chase their dreams and know that anything is possible through hard work and determination”. When asked, Madeline says that being a model changed her style, however, we can definitely call her a smart consumer since she’s aware of mass consumerism and is concerned about the everyday choices that actually lead us to bigger problems such as poor working conditions and increasing waste.

We know how hard it is to get lost in the world that can offer you so much. And the world of fashion can offer even more shiny and beautiful things. The question is how to stay “sane” in this myriad of goods? Madeleine’s honest attitude towards this helps to resist all the temptation: “I have always bought clothes because of how they make me feel and I don’t feel very good about all the homeless, starving people that need our help a lot more than I need to be trendy”.

After Madeline shared her thoughts with us, only one thing comes to our mind: as much as we love to spread the awareness and to always remind about the issues that are highly important in a way that is best known for Shopyte, that is by creating pieces that tell the story itself, we are beyond than grateful for this strong and conscious community that we are building together.