A cliché?

Today we live in a world where the line between real and fake is very thin. Anything can be forged, and anything can be made to trick a person’s mind. For example, anything that has once been a genuine idea, that has been repeatedly put into our heads can lose all its meaning. Where am I going with this, you might wonder?

We are hearing a lot of things that used to be some kind of idea, but throughout the time it became a cliché. We all know that we have to “go green”, fight for our rights, help those who are in need, etc. Something that used to be a controversial idea now is a thing that we usually do not want to hear about because everyone knows about it, everyone became “an expert” of it.

The same thing can happen with the concept of sustainability in fashion. Now we hear a lot of information about it. Why worry, you’d ask? The more we talk about it, the bigger change is made. However, it is too good to be a truth.

Let me remind you that sustainability is a long process. And if we talk brand-wise, sustainability is something that cannot be achieved overnight and later guaranteed to the customer. There is a whole range of aspects that have to be kept in mind: a good quality of materials, the way garment was made, how the brand deals with its production in whole, what are its values. And it looks like some of the fast fashion bands use this rather widespread idea as a trick to sell more of its products. But let me assure you that sustainability is a habit that should be developed through time. It is not something that would make you buy a piece of clothing with the label of “sustainability” and then make you forget about it after a couple of months.

Not that long ago we were rather obsessed with healthy lifestyle and now we know that we should think before we put anything into our body. So why not think before buying something that is put on us?