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Why do women work for free for two months a year?

Why do women work for free for two months a year?

Dear women, did you know that since November of this year you are working for the free?

For free you are treating a cancer patient. For free you interpret the theorems for students. You are presenting the company's communication project for free. For free!

You're probably going to work, where men by performing the same function receive much more salary. In Europe, this salary gap is 16%. And if there would be equality between men and women on this issue, women could already stop working. After all, if we receive a 16% reduction in wages, we should work 16% less, right?

When this message reached me, I left the computer screen, took a cup of coffee and gave five minutes for meditation. Work, do not work? What are we missing so that we would not have to work as volunteers for two months a year?

I am writing this because I know that many of you have not thought that you may already be working for free today. Instead of having time with children, beloved people or just a vacation to the coast of the Caribbean, you go to work and work for free!

So why is this so in our modern society? Why do women not only receive lower wages but also work in less-paid sectors, rarely receive bonuses, promotions or managerial positions?

I found only one answer. Sometimes we lack confidence in ourselves. Sometimes we lack the courage and inner strength that men have when they go to a job interview as they would go to war. Yes, to the war. Because of fair compensation, it is sometimes necessary to catch, pull out the very sharpest weapons and not let go.

It is necessary to hold one's own as the issue of salary gap between women and men is becoming increasingly popular in society. In France and Iceland women united, wrote petitions, manifested themselves and went to the streets to defend their right to receive the same salary as men received. We may not be going to the streets today, but it is important to think at least about it and understand how to change this situation.

And one day, I believe, very soon, this discrimination will only be the past, to which our children will look with amazement, that this could have been the case in the 21st century.
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