Who's Next - fashion show that you must attend!

Paris. Gates of Versal. Exposition Park. There will be a lot of fashion professionals and fans strolling around the palace. Famous stylists will admire the designer's new collections. The hips of the models will be lingering pleasantly while the music will be playing. The Design students will be clapping their hands with the rhythm of the music. There will be a lot of important talks happening at the champagne bar between fashion distributors. All the fashion loves will be taken to the future for few hours. To the future of the fall-winter 2018-2019 seasons.

I cannot wait. Sometimes when nobody is watching I start jumping out of happiness without being able to take the smile off of my face, just like a little girl. In few days I will be walking around hundreds of different fashion collections! I will be studying upcoming fashion trends and talking with designers and fashion specialists. Most importantly - I will be looking at the winter clothes that aren't currently being sold in the stores. Who's Next is a very pleasant journey to the future.

This January there will be Jazz music playing which will blend in the customers effortlessly in the atmosphere of the fashion show. With every note of the saxophone will come an endless elegance. Unique style, happiness and competition of the designers will flow together with the music. If you are currently in Paris, make sure you visit the exposition park during the days of January 19-22 to dive into the fashion Jam Session.

Why am I suggesting all of the fashion lovers to visit this event? Not only you can see what the fashion industry is offering you to see what will be on at the end of the year, but also you can get some of the clothes that haven't been made yet. At the event of Who's Next you can have a chat with the designers and make an order for a coat, a shirt or a dress that you liked. You will only receive it in the period between few months and half a year, but just a thought itself that nobody has seen it in public is very satisfying. 

Moreover, you will be able to see the new collection of SHOPYTE FW18/19. Natural fabric, high-quality dresses, coats, vests will be covered in elegance and originality. For every woman that wants to look exceptionally good this fall and winter, there is a classic stylish dress made from silk and wool. Baby camel, llama and alpaca wool coats and vests will not only keep every goddess warm but will also create cozy-chic style. It's worth to visit Who's Next for the beauty of these pieces alone!

Of course, there are many other reasons. Who's Next is one of the most important events to each designer. During the event, all the important investors, distributors, designers and sellers meet. Sometimes it's enough to have a glass of champagne at the bar to meet the right person who can improve your career evolution. Who's Next is a place of networking for the people who bind their future with the fashion world. If one dreams to become a famous designer, stylist or fashion journalist it is important to attend the event and make connections.

Bon voyage! Enjoy your trip to the future at the Who's Next event if this article made you make a decision to attend it this weekend.