What tendencies we see in the latest collections?

"Did you like the fashion shows? I hated one show after another, but the overall look was awesome."

A French journalist, Loic Prigent, tweets his thoughts in a satirical way. I am laughing of loud when reading his words. Many times at fashion we look too serious, but he observes it with a taste of humor. When describing fashion show with his sharp feather in hand, he does that differently. These observations are a perfect SPA for my mind, which was very needed after an intense marathon of fashion weeks.

Because there were indeed hundreds of shows last month. From New York to Paris, without forgetting London and Milano. The fashion weeks that took place in these cities broke out incredibly quickly after leaving the brightness of the coming spring.

What kind of trends presented at the New York Fashion Week can I extend? There dominated a sporty and relaxed silhouette with street-style accents. The reign was of wide woolen clothes that allow the body to breathe freely. I would dare to say that fashion winds in the country were influenced by the fast American life rhythm. Did I find the things on the podium impressive and beautiful? I confess, when I recall Michael Kors models as if they were children with over-maternity shirts, sweaters or dresses, and beach-slippers, I'm not jumping by the desire to look like next spring and summer. On the other hand, after seeing New York Fashion Week shows, I understand better why Rihanna chose those clothes for the meeting with French President Makron, which escalated many talks. New York Fashion Week exposed similar variations, very long sleeves are the upcoming spring and summer trends. Not very comfortable when you shake the president's hand, though.

Such over-sized long-sleeved garments you could see in London's Fashion Week as well. Like the model body lines emphasizing translucent clothing. In this regard, designers in London were fearless and were not afraid of pretty luscious variants. Do women on the street dare to wear translucent clothes on the naked body as Emilia Wickstead presented them? I invite you to google it and consider. I like translucent dresses very much, but I know that there is very little chance of wearing them. SHOPYTE also has a translucent silk dress in its SS18 collection, but unlike Emilia Wicktead's garments, it looks very cultural and does not expose the entire body. Perhaps you will agree that transparent clothing requires courage, but does not have the charm, secrecy, and elegance which is given to a lady when wearing it.

The Milano Fashion Week, of course, left the most excellent impression, the focus was on the Donatella Versace fashion show. She dedicated her SS collection to the memory of Gianni's murdered brother. In his honor, on the podium also featured the most famous models that time: Claudia Schiffer, Naomi Campbell, Helen Christensen, Carla Bruni and Cindy Crawford. I guess you have read already about this exciting, futuristic and colorful show. What kind of tendencies could you find in addition to the fact that designers, like New York, have been inspired by the 1990's, combining contemporary details into the fashion of that era? On the podium here are dresses - shirts. It is clear that in the coming summer this will be one of the essential details of the wardrobe. The designers redefined this garment differently. Marco De Vincenzo presents it with a short and colorful, Ujoh and Jil Sander - long and wide. Faust Puglisi and Atsushi Nakashima created versions of the evening dress. Again, just like in New York, comfort and relaxation dominated the Milano Fashion Week collections.

And what about Paris, the capital of high fashion? Here, just like every year, Chanel's collection has been the focus of attention. I can not disagree - this is the most impressive performance due to the stunning décor: the rocks and the waterfall of the Le Grand Palais, decorated with tropical plants. And as for the collection of clothes, beautiful handmade work, Chanel's elegance has received a lot of praises. Karl Lagerfeld's tweed-made garments are stunning as usual. My attention was attracted by translucent boots, hangers, and hats, which the designer cuffed in a whole set of garments, thus protecting it from the rain. Yeh, you've got it right - Chanel is announcing a rainy tropical summer.

This spectacular collection perfectly reflects the colors of the upcoming spring and summer season. The following year, the pastel gentleness dominates. Although some designers picked bright, scary or electric fluo colors so paying a fee to the 90's, most of the homemade fashion clothes were made of powder pink, blue, greenish, white and yellow.

After having looked at all the fashion weeks of the coming spring and summer forecasts, I'm looking forward to the next year. Not all trends are fascinated by me, but it's probably the most exciting part. The question arises how to adapt them to our style without making them look ridiculous. So, what do you think about the upcoming trends?