Style without a quality fabric?

Just got back from Paris and Milano, where we had a chance to represent our new collection. I will give you more details on that in upcoming blogs, promise! ;)

Meanwhile, this morning, finally sitting at my desk I was looking at the fallen landscape behind the window and remembered one of the most famous French stylist of the time, Cristina Cordula. Some of her words would perfectly suit our collection: "Ma chérie (eng. Dear), if you want to look elegant, beautiful and stylish, buy clothes made of high-quality fabrics". The clothes can be stylish, fit with the latest fashion trends, but if it’s made of no-quality materials, it won’t make a woman look spectacular when wearing it. There is nothing more depreciating your style than garments which are poorly cut, neatly designed and produced with low-cost fabric.

Try to imagine. A charming lady steps into the cafe, her hair leads to a chunky topknot, and curly cheeks come on jowls. The lips are red with lipstick, and expensive eyelash mascara beautifully highlights the eyes. Her neck is glamorized with a crystal-engraved jewelry. She has a thin bracelet on her arm. She goes to the table where a man is waiting for her. She steps the floor with a light rhythm wearing high-heeled shoes. And only her dress falls of belly slightly curved which creates skewed fabric wave. At the bottom of her dress, you can see the hanging yarns. The dress is stylish but so cheap that neither the beautiful hairstyle or makeup nor luxurious accessories can replace the lack of quality.

Often there are only just a few things to take care of for a woman so she could look flawless. The most important element is to choose garments of high quality. When I pick out my clothing, I’m thinking in particular of my body. Warmth, softness, and confidence surround the clothes we wear. Garments accompany us within a warm or rainy day, soak our skin and protect it. It is important to me that clothes would not become aggressors for my body.

It’s nice when the silk glows your body, or the wool surrounds it with warmth and tenderness. But most importantly, these fabrics, which I pay particular attention to, are natural. Cotton, linen, silks, wool or cashmere - these are all natural yarn fabrics. That's why I love them. These fabrics do not have any synthetics at all or have a tiny percentage for a reasonable purpose. The more natural the material is, the more valuable it is. Natural yarn fabrics are easy to sweat, it even helps the body to regulate its temperature. You can wear a thin wool dress or suit at any time of the year, which is a significant advantage for your favorite one. Because I appreciate the elegance, durability, and quality, because I like to look impressive, I try to choose clothes made of so-called high-end fabrics.

Of course, it’s worth considering where the textile is manufactured. Many of the best quality materials are produced in Italy or England. By the way, a secret of the English quality has one common feature with the whiskey they produce. Water is the key to both fabric and beverage they create. The gloss of the English fabric depends on its completion, that is a quality of water. And it surely wouldn't be a nice thing to sip a glass of an excellent English whiskey while wearing a suit made of dirty water. In a fashion world, it could equate to a crime!

As for drinks, by writing these bad words, I’m about to finish my cup of coffee. I hope my text has helped you to take a fresh look at the quality of the garment and its importance to look stylish. And finally, I’ll just remind you that clothes made of cheap fabrics are always too expensive.