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What next winter's trends dictate New York?

What next winter's trends dictate New York?

New York, New York. This month, Frank Sinatra is ringing in my head, and all my thoughts are flying towards the Big Apple. Last week, New York Fashion Week went roared and next week the NY Women's & Children fashion showcase begins.

Girl Power and clothes that bare little of the body. There are the big trends that we noticed at New York Fashion Week in February. Women's autonomy, power, and self-realization have been reflected in many of presented collections. Without forgetting the #MeToo movement, the image of an attractive woman was defended during the Fashion Week. Because the woman has the right to be beautiful and enchanted without becoming the victim of someone. Myriam Chalek, a French designer, dedicated her clothing presentation to testimonies of victims of harassment and to the theme of the #MeToo movement. Thus, New York Fashion Week highlighted the powerful and feminine pace that women would take in the next fall and the winter of 2019.

Now the time has come for the NY Women's & Children, which comprises six unique shows: Coterie, Stitch Coterie, Sole Commerce, Fame, Moda and Children's Club. They present contemporary fashion brands and talented designers. Collections of ready-to-wear clothing for women and children, accessories and shoes find here their potential buyer. NY Women's & Children will be held February 26-28, 2018 at the Jacob Javits Center.

Will SHOPYTE's elegant women's clothing collection be shown at one of these events in New York? Of course! Always a women's and men's equality defender and a supporter of confident women's culture, the SHOPYTE fashion brand will present silk dresses and coats from its fall-winter 2018-2019 collection at the Coterie show.
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