The origins of Valentine's Day that you may not know

Have you noticed that men who said "I don‘t like to celebrate love made to order", do not celebrate it at any time of the year? Very often, these men are elderly nationalists and confirmed machos. They don‘t know how to use an iron or where his wife keeps a bucket to wash the floor. These people have never tried to understand about Valentine's origins. They didn‘t try to find out how important the day of love is in the world. But if these men knew how the ancient Romans celebrated on February 14, none of them would try to escape the feast of love.

According to sociologist Jean-Claude Kaufmann, the origins of the day of love come from the Lupercalia celebrated during the 3rd century in Rome. By practicing the rituals of love, the Romans celebrated the new life coming with spring. Every February, they sacrificed goats. Then, with whips made from the skin of these animals, naked young men whipped women partially undressed. To purify them and make them fertile. Over time, this celebration became a carnival and, it isn‘t impossible, the participants had fun very freely.

Fortunately, the Catholic Church has repressed these traditions, and over the centuries the feast of love evolved acquired different forms and even disappeared for a while. The Americans relaunched it. Now, most of the world celebrates Valentine's Day according to American traditions. For the feast of love, America brought red roses, little hearts, and teddy bears. Society has changed, men no longer whip women, they have learned to respect them and to gain their attention more pleasantly. And as sociologist Jean-Claude Kaufmann said in an interview with BFM TV, "the future of our planet is hidden behind every bouquet of roses".

Of course, it's easy to be a skeptic of little hearts, red roses and evenings with your wife at the restaurant when you live in Europe or North America. However, in thirty countries of the world, the celebration of love is forbidden. The government of Pakistan has even banned mentioning the name of Valentine's Day, and in Saudi Arabia it‘s not allowed to sell red roses or teddy bears at this day. In these countries, people are forbidden to celebrate their love, and their freedom is restricted. Lovers celebrate the day of love in secret. They risk going to jail or even losing their lives. Why that risk? Because Valentine's Day symbolizes them the human contact, the warmth and the extrication of the insensitive shell.

And honestly, for us, women, on Valentine's Day, human attention is more important than bouquets of roses, heart-shaped chocolates or precious gifts. The day of love is an excellent opportunity to escape from everyday life and enjoy each other's love.