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My festive dress

My festive dress

Four o'clock in the morning. In the cafe in front of my house, the lights are still on (or maybe already?). Behind the window, two people are kissing like a theater scene. They forget everything around them while rumpling each other's hair. "Get your hands off! You'll mess her dress!" - I am screaming in my minds to her cavalier. The woman's dress is godly beautiful. It's sorry to watch her soon to be on the ground.

Romantic, nicely fitted to the waist and beautifully falling through hips to the knees, a woman's dress is perfect for dinner with the family, and for dancing until midnight. When a couple hides over the wall, I leave the window, but she is still in my mind. Finding a similar garment for upcoming holidays would be great.

Every year I find the same dilemma: what kind of dress to buy so that in New Year's Eve I would be unforgotten? There are two possibilities: to fall into a glossy mania and shine like a Christmas tree or stay calm, but a very elegant evening queen. Say, New Year's Eve is only once a year, so let's relax and lighten up. I won't attack anyone who capitulated to this strong desire to become shiny. Still, I pick the second option for myself.

We all know perfectly well that we will wear this new shining dress in just one evening, and after it's no longer used because the New Year's glitter is not suitable for a business meeting with partners, nanny christening or even birthday in August. The dress is beautiful, but It will only remind us of how much manipulated we are each year by brands of fast fashion. They unknowingly force us to buy one-time clothes, which we will not be able to wear later on because tendencies change more often than seasons.

I'm sorry to see a dropped and unnecessary dress in my closet. So, with the party mood in my mind and decided that, in coming to the New Year, I need a new garment, which is resistant to time and seasonal tendencies. It must be gorgeous but has fit not just for Christmas or New Year's Eve.

Black, red, dark blue or even a white classic style dress is my Christmas time favors. With gorgeous but restraint details, highlighting the benefits and concealing the imperfection of the figure. By Adapting to this garment a festive handbag or some starry summer sky heels, I know I will not miss. Clothing details perfectly create style and mood.

We all are different, and during the holidays we must first be beautiful for ourselves. So, how are you going to be dressed?
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