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Monaco glittering and eye-catching street fashion

Monaco glittering and eye-catching street fashion

Have you ever been to Monaco? The luxury and glitter cradle, which is like a completely different small world outside of our standard time-lapse.

Monaco, the autumn sunshine feels just awake. It's so warm here that it's hard to believe that it's November. Want to go to the beach and enjoy the good weather. Only streets decorated with Christmas garlands reminds you that it's no longer a summer. Even though it's not yet lighted up, the garlands are sharply contrasted with the ladies wearing coherent dresses.

Here in Monaco fashion can both fascinate and make you laugh. It seems that for some women is important not to look good, but to surprise, to shock, to pay attention. I am watching a young girl wearing shoes with platforms. The boots are violet color. Meanwhile, the dress is blushing and green. Long hair, fullback. She struggles hard on the street with paper bags from various boutiques. I'm trying to figure out if this girl just does not feel the style, does not know how to match the colors, or she simply likes to ignore the rules.

But she is not alone in Monaco. Just after a few moments, I see another fashion extravagant going by the street. Her skirt resembles a creased white curtain. It's similar to a wedding dress, although she does not wear it for this purpose. It is lightweight and slightly shiny. This girl combines a gray sweater with it. It looks interesting but more summoning than stylish. I believe that from this trip once again I will recall only those two - such unusual and different ones. And I'm angry at myself because they have reached their goal - with their gaudy outfit they stuck in my easily manipulated memory.

Of course, on the streets of Monte Carlo, I found beautifully dressed ladies as well, accompanied by stylish suited partners. People in this country give a lot of attention to their appearance and most importantly - they want to look wealthier. "Look at me, I'm important, I'm wearing a suit, I'm rich!" Here you can feel the smell of Chanel No5, fluttering from behind in every corner. It is dispersed by the passing winds of the Ferrari or Lamborghini cars. Monaco is a country where wealthy people show off their wealth without much hesitation.

So, when everyone is equally beautiful and wealthy, for the attention some of us are forced to wear a green puffed dress and unobtrusive violet shoes with platforms. This makes the streets of Monaco a show of funny and uneducated fashion combinations. Although I'm afraid that sometimes they do not want to get much attention, they are just incapable of dressing themselves correctly. A great wealth does not guarantee a sense of taste.

If you ever go to Monaco, be sure to pay attention to people's clothing. It will cheer up even those who have seen everything!
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