Fashion from inside

I invite you to travel in the fashion world

I invite you to travel in the fashion world

From the tranquil sketch drawing early summer morning to an elegant and energetic catwalk in one of the opening celebrations for Milano Fashion Week. In my blog, I want to share with you every moment of creativity, behind the scenes of the fashion world, success stories and even difficulties which appear time by time. Without masks, with real emotions and great desire to share my knowledge and experiences, I will open the door to my space of creativity.

I invite you for a cup of coffee while my pencil is finding the right place in a sketch of a new collection. I want to reveal how the idea of each garment was born in my mind, where I sit and what I see while the new model of a dress or coat appears in my eyes. It would not be fair to keep everything just for myself because there is so much what I could say about each of it, its idea and the energy hidden behind yarns.

I offer you to come along with our team and see how we choose the best fabrics from the top players in this industry, I want to explain why it is so important for us to use only best quality materials. I want to share with you my knowledge about each cloth, its history, and production process. I will point out why the world cherishes the silk, linen, cashmere and other natural fabrics. Some funny untold stories will be revealed too!

And, of course, I welcome you to travel with us to the best fashion trade shows, most important European and Worldwide events where we will get to know most talented creators. In this blog, I will tell you everything about the fashion world from inside and it‘s uproarious behind the scenes parties. I promise, there will be lots of champagne! The masks of some most famous designers will be destroyed so we could find the real beauty in their soul.

So, I will be waiting for you each Monday morning, see you soon!

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