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I don’t have anything to wear

I don’t have anything to wear

These words were said by men and women too many times: I don’t have anything to wear.

When you stand in the closet, you swing your hands through the clothes, but none of it matches your mood that day. There can be only a few, but there may be hundreds - sometimes something special is needed to feel good. Because the garment is not just a few fabrics sewn together. It is not only a heat-generating or styling accessory. The garment is the most reflective piece of our personality.

Sometimes I watch the passers-by on the street and read the story of them being told not by words, but clothing. It's enough to look more accurately to understand when she is falling in love. The fluttering dress gives extraordinary self-confidence when a person encircles the cloud of love. You don't need much effort to realize that one or another passerby does not care what message his clothing brings. And it is only necessary to take a closer look at the person's dressing to find out his attitudes, characteristics, or even his values.

Clothing has long been an expression of activism.

One day my friend has asked me: "Why do you buy such expensive clothes if you find similar which can be cheaper ten times?" It is important to me that the garment is made of high quality, with excellent materials and being produced by professional sewers, but not by the hands of the poorly exploited African children. I want a purchased garment to be durable and not strained after a couple of weeks or months. And of course, I support an organic and ethical fashion industry. It is important to me that, when sewing my dress or coat, nature is not polluted or devastated. The protection of our planet is priceless, so I'd rather buy two expensive, high-quality dresses than ten cheap, made from materials that produce Earth's pollution.

Perhaps it's easy to guess that, regarding materials, I'm a silk lover, fan, and admirer. If the silk was a man, I would have been asking to marry me by myself a long time ago. Yes, quality silk is my weak spot, but it's very easy to explain. The production of silk almost does not harm the nature. It produced from silk grubs, which are fed with silk leaves. One kilogram of silk needs 3,000 larvae, which will eat 104 kg of leaves. This silk production raises very little problems for nature because it does not require fertilizers or pesticides or high water content.

Today's clothing for me is a way not only to reveal myself, to show the mood, but also the opportunity to contribute to the saving of our planet. Not all of us can buy a precious silk every month or even more often, but if possible, why not. Clothing of high quality and organic materials is a mirror of our values.

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