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Exciting performance at Milano Fashion Week opening event

Exciting performance at Milano Fashion Week opening event

Have you ever wondered how does the designer feel before the premiere of his collection on the podium?

While spectators are impatiently waiting for the beginning of the show, while the crowd rackets and carelessly chuckles, the designer standing behind the scene tries to resist to stress and fear. He, like every artist, is modestly expecting that his clothes will be fascinated by the experts and stylists sitting in the hall. Although the story of the designer dress begins on a piece of paper and a little later in the tailor's hands, for the first time, it really comes to life by waving on the model's body while shining in the eyes of the audience.

Therefore, a moment before the start of the show, the designer seems to be breaking away from this world. Excitement reaches the highest point. The body stagnates for a moment. Trembling hands are forgotten. And only the first musical chord with the model on podium releases the stress so you finally can breathe again! The hardest day in the designer's life reaches the culmination once the dresses start to fly on the scene. This is certainly one of the most important days of a designer who seeks recognition in his career. That’s why it is symbolic to start a blog with the presentation of SHOPYTE SS18 collection in the opening celebration of Milano Fashion Week by Elena Savó. There, at the Bocconi Palace (Palazzo Bocconi), on the evening of September 19, along with the other five international fashion labels, the model's catwalk’ed on the podium wearing SHOPYTE's newest dresses.

Fashion capital Milano

Milano welcomes its guests with the Gothic Cathedral towers. The tourist who promenades under the domes of Vittorio Emanuele II is covered up with comfort and, of course, the city satisfies any traveler who feels like a thirst for fashion. There triumph fashion, art, and design. I won’t surprise you if I tell about the reputation of Made in Italy and the importance of Milano in the fashion world. It is one of the four fashion capitals next to Paris, London and New York, where the concentration of designers, fashion professionals and scientists reaches its maximum. This is where fashion is born and new talents are discovered.

Splashing silk in the Bocconi Palace

To be invited to one of the fashion week's opening events in Milano means insanely much for every young designer. While standing in front of the Bocconi Palace, where a spectacular fashion show will take place, the heart is shaking to all of us. At the entrance, guests are welcomed by four lions standing on the top of Dorene columns. And when the gate is opened, the green garden leads to the sumptuous palace. In them, designers are welcomed by their appointed assistants and a team of design students. Preparation for the event begins, the steam irons are being heated up. Casual clothes are falling down of the bodies so the models could be decorated by designers. Six emerging designers, accompanied by Elena Savó, had a chance to showcase their new collections.

Our SS18 collection was dominated by pastel colors: lean white, mild sky blue, soothing greenish and purplish rose. Sparkles of purple and dark blue were added to these dress colors, which seemed to hit the hall with a gust of wind. During this performance, lightness and elegance were blended, and the fluffy silk forced to take a deep dip. It was felt and seen by spectators in the Bocconi, who did not lack ovations, compliments, and congratulations to the designer right after the event. It was an awesome day for our entire team! And just that day, a friend reminded me of an old but true expression: "Every big thing starts with small steps". I believe that the performance at this event is one of those small steps leading to a dream come true.

A few sentences about the event

For several years, Elena Savó fashion company has been organizing fashion shows for the opening of the Milano Fashion Week. The purpose of these events is to invite new talents, new designers to share their authentic creations and bring new trends to the fashion world. Elena Savó fashion show is a great opportunity to present fashion label, showcase its potential and stand out from the crowd in a way that finds new contacts in a competitive fashion world.

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