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December is the time to concentrate

December is the time to concentrate

In December I want to spend time enfolded into a warm blanket, near the fireplace or under the orange lamp, while reading books, looking through a journal, making dreams and coming years promises to yourself. This month, dark and cold, is the perfect time to concentrate, talk to yourself with a hot chocolate mug.

Last weekend I allowed myself to spend a couple of hours resting, putting my mind on a sheet of paper and enjoy the peace of winter. Snowflakes were walling outside the window, and I, with no rush, was writing letters to my beloved friends and relatives living in other countries.

Every year I try to find beautiful and original cards made by artists, which are being sold in fairs, Christmas towns or specialized stores. If succeeded, I find handmade works or especially original peace. When writing on them my wishes I always get a feeling of excitement.

Likewise, with gifts. I am glad when I discover things, books, films, paintings, clothes which were created with love. It is important to me that the gift was designed with positive energy and a joyful mood. Only then the positive energy is transferred to its new owner. After all, you want to give the quality and uniqueness, and not the prestressed ones or even worse - the stuff of poor people exploited in the third world.

Thinking about this, I remembered that just one year ago, at one festival I saw the Chinese documentary Wang Bing movie "Bitter Money". The author takes his viewer to Shanghai, where the poorest people in China are exploited in Houzhou City. They work seven days a week, 12 hours a day without seeing sunlight, every day doing the same automatic action. There, people sew clothes one after another like robots. They believe that one day they will earn so much money that they can pull their family out of poverty, but their pay is so small and so scary that they never go out of the hole of their hardship. This short movie has hit me immensely.

I know that I can not save the whole world. I also know that business people exploiting people in Asia or Africa will not change their business philosophy. They won't increase wages for their employees, and they will accumulate massive wealth by exploiting them and using us to buy their items. However, I also know that I have a right not to buy or support their products. I can buy more expensive things that were created with love, and support real artists, painters, writers, creators, designers or honest entrepreneurs, to whom sharing their talent is more important than getting rich using poor people.

I think December is the perfect time to think about what really matters to us, what are our values and how we share them with others.

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