Christian Dior, the dream designer

I scream from the amazement in the middle of the street in Paris. I feel like hundreds of people glance at me. I haven't been in such an awkward situation for a long time. Suddenly I felt like Marilyn Monroe. The only difference is that in her case everything was acted, in my case, it's a real and unexpected situation.

At the Museum of Decorative Arts, when I reached the ventilation hole, mounted in the middle of the lane, I felt that my dress got up into the air and scattered in all directions. I'm hopelessly trying to manage a windbreaking garment. I'm wearing heels that stuck in the grill. I tiptoe on the concrete floor as soon as possible. Meanwhile, a few hundred meters long line of people is enjoying this comical situation.

You've already understood that my trip to the Dior's exhibition "The Dream Designer" (in French "Couturier du rêve") hasn't started in the easiest way. But the smile did not disappear from my face for the whole time.

A girl's dream is becoming a princess one day, to wear a gorgeous, Swarovski crystal-covered dresses. Bloated or fitted to the body, with a graceful cut out in the back or a beautifully rounded bust. I remembered this dream at the Christian Dior's exhibition.

"My dresses transform each woman to a princess" Christian Dior says. This year it was 70 years since the opening of the Dior's fashion house. 300 dresses are exhibited in a breathtaking museum.

Christian Dior designed garments based on the lines of woman's figure and tried to emphasize her femininity further. Each model was created by thinking about its structure and the effect it will make when moving the body. Dior was striving far more than just creating a garment. He was looking for elegant posture in his works. So, while wearing charming Dior's dress, the woman just naturally looks more graceful and attractive.

In 1947, after the war, while all woman had a masculine posture, he was the one who gave them a charm with his high fashion collection. He created a new style. Exposed busts, highlighted slender waist, gently descending shoulders, and sculptor-shaped curves. The most famous model in "New Look" collection, "Bar" suit, becomes the new manifesto of fashion, worshiping a woman flower with all her rounds. The generosity of the new style proportions, self-confidence and dance's attitude at that time meant the beginning of a new era.

The exhibition "Christian Dior, the dream designer" is really fantastic and impressive. In it, every woman gets a fantasy when as a little girl turns into a princess. Most beautiful and most impressive museum hall is at the end. Here you will find the Dior's decorative, festive dresses, suitable for the Cannes festival. On the big screen, you can see the world-famous stars wearing garments of the fashion house: Nicole Kidman, Natalie Portman, Sarah Jessica Parker, Rihanna, Emma Watson and even Marilyn Monroe. I smiled when I saw her again. I believe that all these charming women would agree with me that in the life it is most important to preserve the graceful posture and keep a smile on the face.

Christian Dior's exhibition in Paris will run until January 7, 2018, so you have a couple months to visit it. Just do not step on that ventilation hole at the Decorative Arts Museum!