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A journey to the Italian fashion center Florence

A journey to the Italian fashion center Florence

Italy. Florence. In the green garden of a palace, the day is awakening. I am writing surrounded by chirruping birds. In October, it is still warm there. And tourists - a few times less than in the summer. Walking along the city streets this time is a pleasure to explore not only the Renaissance architecture but also the true style of florentines.

Yesterday, while being delighted of the funny portrait of a bulldog, painted on canvas in bright colors, a beautiful Italian lady passed by. Her red trousers distracted my look from the painting. The black jacket and the dark leather shoes well fitted to the shining outfit. Such a brave decision made me fascinated! She was jealously elegant. I am sure this woman rushed to an important meeting. Looking at ger distant figure, even I took a dip of going to meetings in this renaissance cradle and living elegantly like real Italians.

While Milano has overtaken Florence with its fashion week, this city of Tuscany is still an integral part of the Italian fashion world. Fashion or, more precisely, wool and silk in this city with spectacular buildings appeared much earlier than anywhere else in Italy. Since the fourteenth century, Florence has lived in wool and silk guilds, whose production was already immensely valued throughout Europe and Florence was delighted by the wealthiest ladies of the day. Wearing Florent fabric clothes was a matter of honor and taste.

The city of this extraordinary beauty has also embraced many talented fashion designers in its gutter. Guccio Gucci arrived in Florence from London, where he worked as a lifter in the hotel. Inspired by the wealthy traveler's style in England, he founded his own fashion house in Florence. Today's Gucci brand is so famous that it does not even have to be described. Salvatore Ferragamo worked as a shoemaker in Hollywood, and he put on shoes to many movie superstars. In 1920, he returned to Italy and settled in Florence, where he performed a real shoe fashion revolution.

Today, every self-respecting fashion lover, having come to Florence, is bound to see the Museum of Ferragamo and Gucci. Both are very different, but they ideally reflect the portraits of these fashion designers. The Salvatore Ferragamo Museum is filled with a Hollywood pomp and takes you to the magical world of fairy tales. The Gucci Museum invites you to an elegant journey while retaining the presentation of the famous works of fashion. Both allow you to learn more about the evolution of designer works, the way they go and see their most famous creations.

After the close meetup with these fashion giants, I walk on the streets of Florence quite differently. Each corner of it makes us guess how one or another detail of the city could inspire Gucci or Ferragamo. How influential this Renaissance architecture had on designer works. And most importantly, it's so good to walk elegantly in their breathtaking paths in a city full of fashion. Just open your eyes and look around.

A small dog runs through the street. His body is decorated with a Gucci-style suit. October. Florence. Italy.

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