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5 things that will come true in 2018

5 things that will come true in 2018

"You are very beautiful and wise. Men are afraid of you, and women are jealous of you. There will always be people who will criticize you and will try to depreciate just to become the winners. Especially men. Don't forget that you are unique."

These words were told to me by a man one night at the Christmas party. He spoke with enthusiasm, and so believed in his statements that it was difficult to disagree. At that moment I felt that he was a more feminist than some women.

That same evening, a random girl came to me and dictated me to hide: "I can not compete with you," she spoke up when I asked why should I do it. She, of course, told it's a joke, but her statement was a living proof of that man's words. A woman is often envy and therefore lacks solidarity.

So, my list of 2018 things will start precisely with that:

1. Women will finally believe in their strength, unite and put in place those men who invoke, humiliate, despise, beat and even rape. The liberation of women that started in 2017 will become a public norm.
2. Together with a public transport subscription, Taser's electrical impulse device will be given as a gift to prevent from perverts. In 2018, harassment and assault on subways, buses or trams will completely disappear.
3. The 2017 trend of sporty trousers wearable in the city will disappear from the fashion world. I'm an open-minded person, but those pants mixed with heels are stabbing my eyes.
4. Russian television star Ksenia Sobchak will win the presidential election. Although I love men, I would love to follow her calendar next year. And the feminine solidarity is picking up.
5. On December 31 next year, we all feel that it was a great year of 2018!

They say that wishes come true when they are written on paper. I hope that at least one of them will surely come to life.

Happy, dreamy and unique 2018!
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