5 things that make me happy in the Christmas period

At this time of year, you can sit at home in front of the tv and bang about the bad weather. You can also objurgate a society susceptible to commercial manipulation during the Christmas period. You can.

However, it's much better to escape from the routine, open your eyes, enjoy the benefits of winter and don't give up to a sadness of the shortest days of a year. Happiness does not come to those sitting at home and waiting while abusing all over the world. Happiness covers everyone who goes and seeks for it.

So, starting another week in December, I decided to share things that make me happy this time.

Evenings in the city. Though it goes dark early and it's freezing, the beautifully decorated town of Christmas trees and garland is charmed with beauty. The cold of the wind, the darkness and the stress of the day are lost. All of this disappears when it comes to Christmas lights. The heart is flooded with warmth.

Christmas music. Oh yes, when more, if not now, not in December, this week? Sometimes in the evening, when I'm baking an apple pie, I am dancing already while listening to the list of my favorite Christmas songs. In fact, the whole family is dancing with me. The happiness comes through the melodies!

Sweater warmth and tenderness. A warm sweater can be a very stylish outfit and now is the best time to match this garment with a skirt, trousers or jeans. Every winter woolen sweater is a trendsetter, and a cashmere garment is an essential part of elegance. It's good to feel comfortable, cozy with warmth and gentleness.

Mandarin smell. It's hard to explain, but returning to a home where the air is filled with mandarin smell is so good! This scent gives me joy. Sometimes I even caught myself thinking whether this time of the year could be joyful without mandarins. For me, they are not only a source of vitamins but also a source of real happiness.

Sharing goodness. Nothing gives joy as much as doing good things and giving a smile to others. December (and not only) is a great opportunity to share your wealth with those who have less than us. The feeling of sharing happiness will be the best reward.

I could write more things which bring me happiness, but these five seems to me to be the most important at this moment. I hope this list will inspire at least some of you to escape from the cold winter routine and rethink at what makes you happier before Christmas.